Beginning of the 1st movement of my 2nd symphony (2020)



Urs Brodmann

Composer, Conductor and Arrangeur


"What would be my life without my music, which I enjoy still more and more! That is why I serenely continue working, without forgetting about the little joys of life".



“He goes neither with the stream, nor against the stream. He does not care about it. He would much prefer to stick to a lonely, romantic puddle of a tributary, free from any modern fashion and trend. There he can find the freedom and peace he needs to create, to philosophise, to enjoy and to live. His musical aim is quite simple. He wants to give people who are longing for harmony an authentically emotional music and hopefully, even to touch the depths of their soul.”    Gabi Klingebiel about Urs Brodmann


If you want to know more about me and my music, I would like to invite you to enter my musical universe.

I wish you a lot of fun.



On this website, you will only hear music extracts from works by Urs BRODMANN, namely from concert recordings from the Song Cycle "Tagesthemen" ("Day Themes"), the "Violin Concerto" and the "Piano Trio", as well as recordings from the Opera "Raucher-Tango" ("Smoker Tango"), the "1st and 2nd Symphonies", "Le Tram" ("The Tram") and the Piano Cycle "Mondesstille" ("Lunar Silence").