You are listening to the piece for piano “Zwei Seelen in einem Brust” (“Two Souls in one Breast”) from the CD “Mondesstille” (Silent Moon).


Features and hearing recipes of the CD “Mondesstille” (“Lunar Silence”)

These pieces for piano by Urs BRODMANN are sound patterns full of atmosphere that enable you to leave for a moment your hectic everyday life, in order to come again to your senses. A distinctive characteristic of this work is that all 15 pieces are performed at tempo 60 (which means 60 quarter notes per minute) which corresponds approximately to a quiet beat.

In order to be able to fully enjoy this music, I would advise you to plunge without fuss or quibble into this exciting world, letting yourself be carried away by the magic sounds of this music. Then, you will be able to feel really good and relaxed thanks to your imagination, according to the motto “Thoughts are free”.

  1. Silent moon
  2. Where do I go?
  3. The dream of my life
  4. In thoughts for a good friend
  5. The flourishing field and the butterfly
  6. Wrong way, swamp and chocolate
  7. Step by step
  8. The round dance
  9. Two souls in my breast
  10. Hope, doupt and salvation
  11. Safety
  12. The cathedral in myself
  13. To bid farewell
  14. Epilogue
  15. Dramatic ostinato