You hear an excerpt from the 1st movement of the 1st Symphony.



At first, there is the muse, the source of inspiration of all beautiful things.


And when everything is as it should be, I welcome the eternal wine, the spring water of friendship and conviviality as one of the next steps.



On certain days, one looks for a source of refreshment. The beloved sun urges us more and more often to do so and an ice cream comes at the right moment to help us do that. Thank heavens.



Now, it is very high time for me to go to the source of the pleasure of smoking. Enjoying a good Havana cigar for more than an hour every day makes life a long-lasting pleasure.



And in order to deserve all these joys, one has to work hard every now and then. That is what I call the "survival source activation".



As another reward for this great effort, there is nothing more thankful than an audience who regularly attends and enjoys the concert performances. A thrilling applause and regular concertgoers are the most significant sources of recognition for every single musician.


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